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Silver Atocha Coin & 14K Gold Bezel Necklace
Coin & 14K Gold Bezel Necklace
Silver Atocha Coin & Gold Bezel Necklace
Silver Atocha Coin & 14K Gold Bezel
Silver Atocha  Gold Bezel Necklace

Silver Atocha Coin & 14K Gold Bezel Necklace


Product Description

This is our replica Atocha shipwreck pendant. A sterling silver Atocha replica is mounted in a customized 14K yellow gold, irregular bezel, this piece is simply remarkable. Aged Silver and yellow gold contrast beautifully and make this pendant versatile to combine with any watch or accessory. You can showcase the side of the coin you wish to display.


Around the early 1600s, the heavily laden treasure galleon of King Philip IV's Tierra Firme Fleet, the Nuestra Senors De Atocha, struck a reef in a raging storm near the Florida Keys. More than two hundred and sixty persons perished and tons of gold, silver, and other precious cargo were lost to the sea.

The Spanish authorities were unconcerned with the shape of the coins or visible dates. They made them in denominations of 1/2, 1, 2, 4, and 8 Reales, and they were called"Pieces of Eight" or Cob coins. Which means the end of the bar.

Coin: Atocha
Condition: Very Good
Shape: Coin (Replica)

Metal Purity: 0.925/ 0.585
Metals Used: Silver/ 14K Gold
Total Metal Weight: 14.95 Grams

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