About Us - JR Colombian Emeralds: The Leading Source for Genuine Colombian Emeralds

The story of JR Colombian Emeralds begins in the mines of Colombia with a man named Jorge.

Jorge Rodriguez was born and raised in Colombia’s Emerald country, locales known for some of the most legendary and most prized Emeralds anywhere in the world. His family was already deeply embedded within the Emerald business, and over the next two plus decades he developed specialized knowledge and insight into gem mining¸ gem extraction, gemology, and jewelry creation. He helped develop the business in South America into one of the premier mid-sized mining and distribution operations in country.

But Jorge wanted to share his Emeralds with the world. He had a vision to expand his wholesaling and jewelry operation into the growing American gem and jewelry markets. In the late 1980s, Jorge relocated to the United States, connected with industry leaders, and opened his boutique gem business in Jupiter, Florida. Over three decades later, and with the tireless work and support of family members and friends, JR Colombian Emerald is a top-tier vendor for Emerald buyers.

Our exquisite stones come from top-rated prominent mines of Colombia and other origins: Chivor, Muzo, Cosquez, La Pita, etc. Stones from these mines have been sought after for large museum exhibitions and specialty private collectors. JR Colombian emeralds is the only Authorized wholesaler in Florida of these prized Colombian Emeralds. Our emeralds and jewelry are favored by jewelers, international buyers, discerning consumers as well as “rock hounds” and Emerald lovers!

Since 1995, our certified Gemologists, Jewelers, custom designer and professional services teams have continually sought to service our clients with industry-leading products and customer care. We continue to tailor and refine our business to meet the changing and diverse needs of our clients.

We pride ourselves in selling only the highest quality and most brilliant stones. We specialize in the creation of Emerald jewelry set in solid 14K, 18K gold or Platinum and silver and we tailor our products for maximum refinement and elegance. We maintain a jeweler onsite in order to provide customization and enhancement to any piece of jewelry, guaranteeing all custom work within 7-10 business days. We are also able to provide custom work from photographs or artist renderings.