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Custom Emerald Jewelry: Exquisite Handcrafted Designs

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Crafting Process

We use the latest technology in CAD development to ensure precision crafting of your future heirloom piece! The crafting process varies on the complexity of the item and turn around time is between 1-3 weeks. We keep you notified throughout the entire process.  

Show us your inspiration

Start off by sending us the inspiration of your future item. Sketches, photos, and videos are all welcome for us to start piecing it together. 

*Image displayed was provided by client for inspiration*


Now here comes the fun part! At this point your vision is coming into reality. With sophisticated technology we are able to show you a preview of what we will be crafting. Modifications are done during this time.

Casting & Assembly

Renders have been printed and we are ready to begin the casting process. Fresh out of the casting oven, we start the assembly/setting of any loose gemstones.