6.10ct 14K Colombian Emerald Bezel Solitaire Ring



Product Description

This ring is not for the faint of heart! Displayed is a large Colombian emerald heart solitaire ring in 14K gold. This gorgeous solitaire ring is bezel set in yellow gold and carries a full 6.10-carat emerald that will have you gazing at its mystic beauty. This large gem has minor imperfections as no natural emerald is flawless. This emerald is absolutely stunning and will have you captivated at first glance. This ring is one of a kind and made by our company in South Florida, USA.

Setting Style: Bezel
Setting Material: 14K Yellow Gold

Main Stone: Colombian Emerald
Shape: Heart Cut
Weight: 6.10-carats
Color: Green
Luster: Very Good
Origin: Colombia
Treatments: Natural, Oil

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