Exceptional Colombian Emerald Rough: Unprocessed 18+ Carat Gem
Raw Colombian Emerald Specimen: Premium 18+ Carat Unrefined Beauty
Unearthed Colombian Emerald: Pristine 18+ Carat Raw Gemstone
18+ Carat Colombian Emerald in Its Natural State: Stunning Specimen
High-Quality Untouched Colombian Emerald Rough: 18+ Carat Marvel
Prized Raw Colombian Emerald: 18+ Carat Fine Quality Find
Unprocessed Gem Treasure: 18+ Carat Colombian Emerald Rough

18+ Carat Stunning Natural Fine Quality Uncut Raw Colombian Emerald Rough Specimen


Product Description

This emerald rough specimen originates from Colombia, one of the world's most renowned sources for emeralds. It is uncut and in its natural state, with a rectangular shape. As a rough emerald, it contains various chemical components that give it its characteristic green color, such as chromium, vanadium, and iron. Its uncut form also showcases the unique natural patterns and inclusions that make each emerald specimen one-of-a-kind. A true treasure for collectors.

Main Stone: Emerald
Cut: Raw (Uncut)
Shape: Rectangle
Approx Weight: 18+ Carats
Clarity: Semi-Transparent
Color: Dark Green
Luster: Very Good
Treatments: Natural, No oil
Origin: Colombia

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