Remaining balance for 3 Stone Custom emerald cut engagement ring 18K - 4.07 Carat 11x8 AAA+ Intense Bluish Green Natural Loose Colombian Emerald-Emerald Cut


Product Description

Below I have added the breakdown of how much an 18K solid three-stone emerald cut VVS diamond ring setting will cost. The will include lots of gold to recreate, the stone setting service to skillfully set your stones correctly, high-quality natural VVS diamonds, and the CAD Graphic render services which will allow you to make changes to your design. (These designs are 100% adjustable to your preference, they are just a concept inspo idea however we can recreate it just like this or adjust to your special requests) 

0.90TCW 18K Diamond ring setting $6990

Selecting the stunning Carat for $16,280 USD and the 0.90TCW 18K Diamond ring setting for $6990 USD it would total $23,270 USD. 

All you need is a deposit to get started which is $9890 and this will be deducted from your balance. From here we begin the designing and crafting process and I will be showing you step by step of the process. 

Once you complete the balance we will then ship out your masterpiece with Fedex secured shipping, JR Boxing, and certification of appraisal.

Stone: Emerald
Weight: 4.07-carats
Shape: Emerald Cut
Clarity: Transparent
Luster: Excellent
Color: Vivid Green
Measurements: 11.08mm x 7.74mm x 6.43mm
Geographic Origin: Colombia
Treatment: Natural, Oiling

Comments: Due to their growth conditions in nature and recovery methods, most emeralds contain surface reaching features. For this reason, clarity enhancement is a common trade practice. 

This gemstone comes with a certificate of authenticity.