Jesus Christ With Crown - Rough Natural Emerald Crystal Pendant 18K



Product Description

Showcased is a rare, rough emerald crystal pendant. 57 total carat weight of genuine, rough, Colombian emerald crystal is perfectly capped by smooth yellow gold and cabochon emerald bezel. The piece is semi-transparent and has a rich green color which is rare to have for a raw crystal of this size. As a natural gem, imperfections can be seen from the stone but add to its unique character, no two emeralds will ever be alike.

This pendant does not come with the necklace shown.

Gold: 18K Yellow Gold
Total Carat Weight: 360-carats +

Main Stone: Emerald
Cut: Carving
Clarity: Semi-Transparent
Color: Green
Luster: Good
Origin: Brazil
Treatment: Oil

Secondary Stone: Emerald
Shape: Round
Total Stones: 8
Cut: Cabochon
Clarity: Transparent
Color: Green
Luster: Very Good
Origin: Colombia, Muzo
Treatment: Natural, Oiled

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