95.98tcw 14K Yellow Gold Rough Genuine Terminated Emerald Crystal Necklace



Product Description

Showcased is a rare, single terminated natural Colombian emerald crystal gold pendant 14K. A colossal 95.98+carats of genuine, Colombian emerald crystal is perfectly capped by smooth yellow gold. The piece has very good transparency and termination which is rare to have for a raw crystal of this size. Naturally, emerald crystals form as hexagons, just as this impressive rough (not that all do). Rough emeralds are considered a rare sight to see since they are usually presented already faceted and ready to set in a ring or pendant. This emerald showcases one of nature's most intriguing, perfect cuts, better known as 'single terminated'. The custom cap showcases 1.98cts of full faceted emerald cut and ovals, this piece is completely handmade and one of a kind!

The chain is no included. 

Pendant: 14K Yellow Gold / 26.2 Grams
Approx Carat Weight: 94+cts
Cut: Single Terminated Rough Emerald
Clarity: Semi-Transparent
Color: Light Green
Luster: Very Good - Good
Origin: Colombia
Treatment: Natural

Emeralds on cap:
Approx Carat Weight: 1.98cts
Cut: Emerald Cut/ Oval
Clarity: Transparent
Color: Medium Green
Luster: Very Good
Origin: Colombia
Treatment: Natural