2.15 Carat stunning 6 prong white gold ring 14K white



Product Description

We are crafting a gorgeous 6 prong ring with stunning 2.15 carat weight emeralds in 14K white gold. The divide on the shank is smack dab in the middle and to lower it. Make it a six claw prong and square shank.


- 2.15 stone as shown above (does it have a weird top curve or is it just an optical distortion?)
- 14k gold matte 14 square band 2.5mm
- Rhodium bezel
- Fine claw prongs
- Offset spacing (not in the middle) for side slit


The price is $2590 which also includes free shipping and certification of an appraisal. With a deposit of $474 made on 03/07/2021

deposit of $500 made on 03/17/21 

and a remaining balance of $1616. Layaway for up 28 months or more if need with no interest or fees.


I can’t wait for you to start on your beauty Krisztina 😊