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Black Panther Rough Crystal Sculpture
Rough Colombian Emerald Sculpture
Emerald Panther Rough Crystal Sculpture

Colombian Emerald Collectors Items Black Panther Rough Crystal Sculpture


Product Description

This beautiful and one-of-a-kind rough Colombian emerald sculpture. It displays an exotic, and rare black panther made of black and gray shale with a hint of pyrite that is stalking its prey. The rough Colombian emerald can be found on the mountain, to the left of the panther with a naturally occurring split in between the specimens, making this piece even more unique. It is every collector's must-have item.

Rough Emerald-
Color: Vivid Green
Clarity: Transparent
Origin: Colombia
Measurement: 17.79 mm x 11.92 mm

Stone(s): Black Shale, Gray Shale, Calcite
Measurement: 5.50" x 2" x 3.50"
Weight: 433.7 Grams

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