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Emerald Cut Forest Green 0.71 Carat Gemstone, Dimensions 6.7x4.3
0.71 Carat Forest Green Emerald in Emerald Cut, Measuring 6.7x4.3
Forest Green Emerald, 0.71 Carats, Cut in an Emerald Shape, 6.7x4.3 Size
Emerald-Cut 0.71 Carat Forest Green Gem, Dimensions 6.7x4.3
Forest Green Emerald Gemstone, 0.71 Carat, Emerald-Cut, 6.7x4.3
0.71 Carat Emerald-Cut Forest Green Emerald Stone, Size 6.7x4.3
Forest Green Emerald with an Emerald Cut, 0.71 Carat, 6.7x4.3 Dimensions

0.71 Carat 6.7x4.3 Forest Green Emerald-Emerald Cut


Product Description

Stone: Emerald
Weight: 0.71-carats
Shape: Emerald Cut
Clarity: Semi-Transparent
Luster: Very Good-Good
Color: Deep Green
Measurements: 6.68mm x 4.27mm x 3.42mm
Geographic Origin: Brazil
Treatment: Natural, Oiling

Comments: Due to their growth conditions in nature and recovery methods, most emeralds contain surface reaching features. For this reason, clarity enhancement is a common trade practice.